Quality Assurance

Testing is an important aspect of the software solution that ensures optimum functionality

Goitrise promotes independent testing (QA) that helps excellent performance, time savings, quick response, defect reduction and efficiency in all aspects of the client's business.
QA is a fundamental service in all software creation processes. The purpose is to verify anomalies or deviations that do not agree with the objective of the product under analysis. Our transparent and competent team has the skills to run a complete process on how the software works to detect these types of situations. From there, we draw up plans and execute operations capable of reversing this situation. Usually the development team and the QA group are separated in the process.

Sofware Verification and Validation

Functionality Testing, Usability Testing, End to End Testing, Configuration/Compatibility Testing, Installation/Integration Testing and Security Testing.

Performance Testing

Endurance Testing, End to End Transaction Testing, Performance Tuning, Architectural Testing, Capacity Planning, Monitoring Service.

Sofware QA and Test Automation

Automated Testing, Implementation, Process Consulting, Test Strategy and Management, Consulting, Gap Analysis.

Excellent and Faster Testing with Goitrise

We use the latest technology to test the entire software version life cycle.

  • Creation of Test Plans and Test Cases
  • Fast Execution
  • Defect Reports and Defect Analysis
  • Risk Assessments and Recommendations